Do you have to hire a Board Certified attorney?—No. 
Are there qualified attorneys who are not Board Certified?—Absolutely.

However, Board Certification is likely the single most reliable indicator of excellence for clients searching for an effective litigator to represent them. 

Board certification in Texas is a mark of distinction in all areas of legal practice. It is extremely challenging to become board certified in Texas, so much so that only about 1% of all practicing attorneys in Texas achieve the honor. To become board certified in family law, an attorney must have practiced family law for at least five years, must have completed a specific number of trials (including at least two jury trials), mediations, and other contested hearings, and then must pass a rigorous exam, which focuses not only on fine details, nuances and developments in family law, but also demands expertise regarding general courtroom rules of evidence and procedure. The Texas Board of Law Examiners also reaches out to other lawyers and judges to further vet the candidate and make sure they are qualified. 

Board certified attorneys must also work hard to maintain their certification by completing more continuing legal education hours than their non-certified colleagues. 

Hiring a board certified attorney means that you will be working with an attorney with a high level of commitment to success and a desire to distinguish themselves from their colleagues in their area of specialization. As a result of their dedication to the best possible outcomes for their clients, both John Hennan and Aaron M. Culp are board certified in family law.